Latest Past Events

TriBeCa Cybersecurity Summit 2024

New York Law School 185 West Broadway, New York

Come hear the most essential and current information related to cybersecurity and the law, including a survey of the cyber threat landscape, best practices on cyber extortion, and how to improve cyber defenses via the negotiation of strong cyber provisions in vendor contracts.

How-To with Kyle: Intro to Building Websites

New York Law School 185 West Broadway, New York

Learn some web essentials and build a site of your very own--all with no prior knowledge expected or required. Bring a laptop when you attend! This event will run from 12:50pm to 1:50pm in room W302 on Tuesday, April 16. Please register (for free) in advance below, and stay tuned for updates.

PLA E-Board Application Deadline

If you love privacy law, or if you've enjoyed what the PLA has had to offer this year, consider helping run it! The E-Board is responsible for putting together events, coordinating with the school and other organizations, and being a resource to PLA members; basically, everything that makes the Privacy Law Association what we are. Available positions are: President, Vice President, Treasurer, Academic Chair, and Social Chair.

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