Ghosts of the 23′-24′ E-Board

Hey everyone,

While next year’s e-board gets up to speed, we current officers aren’t gone yet, and neither is our passion for privacy! We hope you enjoy these last two events to round out the year.


How-To with Kyle: Intro to Building Websites

Before we wrap up the semester, Kyle would like to share with us his website building secrets. This event is Tuesday, April 16th, from 12:50 p.m. to 1:50 p.m. in W302. Bring your laptop!

TriBeCa Cybersecurity Summit 2024

Professor Pastor has put together some great speakers for the TriBeCa Cybersecurity Summit on Friday, April 26. He is not only our faculty advisor but also a great resource.

Privacy News:

You Cannot Hide Your Data from Apple with an iPhone

Apple preloads apps on all its technology, which collect a whole host of private information. I’m pretty happy with my green boxes.

Employer Brought to Court for Failure to Delete Biometric Data of Former Employee

An air filter supplier required employees to use their fingerprints to track their hours. The suit alleges that it retained this data even after its reasons for collecting them ceased to apply.

Senator Gives 6th Graders a Privacy Lesson.

You are never too old to learn about privacy, nor too young! Should children not know about why we protect them?

Jon Welgrin
Social Chair, Privacy Law Association
[email protected]

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