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We hope the first couple weeks were an easy start. Get ready as we provide you with fun privacy experiences for the rest of the semester!


2024 Next Generation of Antitrust, Data Privacy, and Data Protection Scholars

On Friday (tomorrow!), the ABA Antitrust Law Section and NYU School of Law will be hosting a conference on antitrust and privacy. Anyone interested in either or both subjects should try to attend.

Regulation of Online Harms

Join us Tuesday, January 30th, from 1-2 pm, to hear about the balancing the the regulation of harm against the protections of freedom of speech and privacy. The speaker is Nick Boyce, an expert in international relations and security policies currently working in tech as a trust and safety professional. He’ll talk about solution scaling, regulatory regimes, and the potentials for automated AI solutions.

Save the Date

Privacy Law Association Lexis Webinar

We heard last year about Data Privacy & Cyberlaw from Lexis, but that’s not all the platform has to offer. Alongside resources for Computer & Internet Law, Lexis+ now also includes generative AI for second- and third-year students!

Join us on Zoom from 1pm to 1:30pm on Tuesday, February 13. Everyone who attends helps fund the PLA, contributes to more events, and will get some Lexis points for their trouble! Registration and meeting link details to follow, or watch our events page for updates coming soon.

Explore SciTech: A Virtual Fireside Chat with the ePrivacy Law Committee

The SciTech Law Student Engagement Committee (LSEC) invites current law students and LLM students who are interested in science and technology to join them for a free virtual fireside chat series–and, on Tuesday, March 19, that fireside chat series will be about ePrivacy law. If you’re interested in privacy law, though, you might also be interested in giving the rest of the ABA Science and Technology Law Section a look; they’ve got some great resources.

Privacy News

Rise in Security Compromises

According to the 2023 Annual Data Breach Report from the Identity Theft Resource Center, data compromises and identity theft rates were higher last year than in the year prior–indeed, 72 percent higher than they have ever been before. Still, the number of victims dropped, suggesting success in keeping attackers away from information that has the potential to do the greatest harm. This is a win for improved data handling and breach mitigation practices in at least one regard.

Data Governance, eDiscovery, and Privacy.

This is an interview with Eric Robinson, the vice president of global advisory services and strategic client solutions at software company KLDiscovery. Their goal is to provide clients, often law firms, with data governance by evaluating protocols, recommending enhancements, and implementing strategies. According to Robinson, the multifarious disciplines of compliance, data security, ediscovery, and privacy are all headed in the same direction–with AI at the helm. But, throwing everything at a large language model to see what sticks hasn’t really succeeded in almost any other field. Will legal data be different?

Privatizing Brain Waves

Colorado introduced a bill that aims to extend protections currently offered to “sensitive data” to neural data, genetic, and other biological data. With the United States’ patchwork, state-based privacy regulation, will medical tourism become the province of data brokers next?

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