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Event: Esports Privacy and Compliance with Adam Gertz

Come hear all about Esports Privacy and Compliance from guest speaker Adam Gertz. He’s a sports fan, he’s a compliance whiz, and he’s got some great stories (check out his podcast). The event is virtual so attend from anywhere: school, home, or even the bowling alley!

The event will take place on Microsoft teams from 1:00pm to 2:00pm on Thursday, September 28. Join here.

Event: Cybersecurity Happy Hour

Kick off National Cybersecurity Month with drinks, bar food, and a break from the grind. The Privacy Law Association is heading up to Nancy Whiskey Bar to welcome new members and reconnect with old–we hope to see you there!

The event will start at 6:00pm on Thursday, October 5, at Nancy Whiskey Pub (1 Lispenard Street).

Event: General Body Meeting

October is National Cybersecurity Month—in celebration, come hang out with the PLA! Our General Body Meeting for the fall is coming up (location to be determined), and there will be free lunch. At this meeting, we plan to ask about everyone’s interests so we can select speakers to help everyone. So, come prepared ready to talk about privacy law, what you, and get to know some really great people. We promise no cheesy ice breakers.

The event will run from 1:00pm to 2:00pm on Tuesday, October 10. Watch this space to be the first to know when a room is assigned! Pizza will be served

Privacy News

Delaware Defines Transgender Status as Sensitive User Data

State privacy regulations are the hottest trend, and Delaware’s getting in on the action. The new law is not without its exceptions, but it gives more control back to users than not. Unfortunately, following the example of other states, Delaware has only chosen to protect the data of its own residents. With how many companies choose to incorporate in Delaware, this is a missed opportunity to set a broader standard.

OpenAI: How Open is Too Open?

This isn’t the first lawsuit against OpenAI, and it almost certainly won’t be the last. The potential for sensitive input to resurface in language model output is an ever-growing threat, with applications in healthcare and beyond feeding ever-more-sensitive data into the machines. On the other hand, a language model could output entirely false information; the FTC can’t decide which is worse.

Does Drone Spying Without a Warrant Violate the 4th Amendment?

It’s been in evidence classes, it’s been in moot court fact patterns, it’s been conspicuously absent from the minds of people who change with the window shades open. Now it’s in the Michigan Supreme Court. As always, the police want to surveil, and the non-police would generally prefer not to be surveilled. Truth be told, though, I wouldn’t put money on the plaintiffs. Time will tell what Michigan has to say on the subject.

Jonathan Welgrin
Social Chair, Privacy Law Association
If you have any privacy news articles you want to share, just email them to me

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