Privacy in 2024

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2024 Next Generation of Antitrust, Data Privacy, and Data Protection Scholars.

Come learn about antitrust law, privacy law, and their overlap. This conference is hosted by the ABA Antitrust Law section and NYU School of Law. It will take place on Friday, January 26, from 8:50am ’till 6:00pm.

Regulation of Online Harms

How do we balance the duty to protect the freedom of expression and privacy against the right to not be harmed on the internet? This is a great question, and it will be answered in a remote talk by Nick Boyce. This event is remote. It will be on Tuesday, January 30, from 1-2pm. Join here or with meeting id: 295 016 817 851 and passcode: zPcNLN !

Privacy News:

Meta runs into more trouble with the EU for target ads and tracking.

Meta has violated EU law by making it more difficult to remove consent for tracking then it is to consent. This is following news last fall, when Meta forced users to pay to avoid tracking.

EU has created comprehensive A.I. laws that prohibits certain AI that infringes privacy rights, like mass scraping of facial images.

This article, published by our speaker Adam Gertz, explains the scope of the Artificial Intelligence Act enacted in the EU and its effects on AI that threatens to infringe privacy.

Privacy: What to expect in 2024.

This was a live panel just this week with three leading privacy experts. Listen as they discuss what 2024 holds for those of us interested in privacy.

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