Privacy Law Events and E-Board Elections

Hi Folk,

Welcome back from spring break! It’s all events now, all the time. The days just keep getting busier and somehow, impossibly, we’re already halfway through the semester! As a reminder, the CIPP interest survey is still open. We hope to have more news soon from the Office of Academic & Bar Success. In the meantime, there are plenty of events to go ’round!

Event: How-To with Kyle: Virtual Private Networks

Virtual Private Networks are a key element in connecting to the internet on your terms, and they can be used in ways that enhance both cybersecurity and privacy! In one hour, learn what VPNs are, hear a bit about why they matter, and get set up with a connection of your very own. Pizza will be provided by our co-sponsors, the Innovation Center for Law and Technology.

The event will run from 12:50pm to 1:50pm in room W402 on Tuesday, March 21. RSVP here, and be sure to bring a laptop!

Privacy Law Association presents How-To with Kyle Tuesday, March 21 12:50 p.m. to 1:50 p.m. W402 Maybe you’ve heard of VPNs—maybe you’ve seen ads on YouTube for the more popular brands—or maybe it’s an alien term. Virtual Private Networks are a key element in connecting to the internet on your terms, and they can be used in ways that enhance both cybersecurity and privacy! The fun doesn’t end there, so join us to learn how VPNs work and what they can do, in a hands-on workshop that will get you connected. Bring a laptop! This event is Cosponsored by The Innovation Center for Law and Technology. Pizza and refreshments will be served.

Event: Helping Clients Manage Data Risks

More than ever, we are awash in data, including email, text messages, corporate and financial data, and personal information, among many others. In her lecture, Kiriaki Tourikis ’03, a Senior Associate in Reed Smith’s Tech and Data group, will give an overview of data risk management and information governance and how she helps clients manage their responsibilities and risks in this crucial area of legal practice.

The event will run from 12:50pm to 1:50pm in room W402. To RSVP, click here! Lunch will be served to those who register.

Helping Clients Manage Data Risks|Responsibilities Date: Thursday, March 23, 2023 Time: 12:50 P.M. – 1:50 P.M. Location: W402 RSVP: Please fill out the form below. Lunch will be provided to those who register. This is an in-person event for the NYLS community only. Outside guests will not be admitted. Live-streaming will NOT be available.

Event: S.T.O.P. x PLA Personal & Household Smart Device Privacy

You asked, and we listened. The PLA has partnered with S.T.O.P., the Surveillance Technology Oversight Project, on a training where you can learn more and hear from experts on how to keep your data safe.

S.T.O.P. litigates and advocates for privacy, fighting excessive local and state-level surveillance. They have a thing or two to say about personal and household smart devices! You may have read about surveillance technology in our previous newsletters, or joined S.T.O.P. for their Valentine’s Day of Action, but have you considered the wealth of private data that smart home devices make available not just to corporate interests, but to the police? And what about the potentials for discrimination and abuse when everything can be hidden under the rug of “Big Data”?

The event will run from 1pm to 2pm on Tuesday, April 4, over Zoom. Join us at!

Event: TriBeCa Cybersecurity Summit 2023

Have you enjoyed our speaker events with lawyers currently practicing in the field? How about 15 of them, all in one place, all eager to share their perspectives on the most essential and current information related to cybersecurity and the law!  At this year’s Tribeca Cybersecurity Summit, topics will include a survey of the cyber threat landscape, best practices on cyber extortion, and how to improve cyber defenses via the negotiation of strong cyber provisions in vendor contracts. If you have interest in working as a privacy lawyer, this will be an incredible resource to both learn and network!

The event will run from 9:30am to 7:30pm on Friday, April 14—but don’t worry if you can’t attend every lecture. Space is limited, so RSVP ASAP.

Tribeca Cybersecurity Summit 2023 – New York Law School The Tricarico Institute for the Business of Law and In-House Counsel at New York Law School established the annual Tribeca Cybersecurity Summit to bring together in-house counsel, attorneys in private practice, and NYLS students to learn about and engage in the pressing issues of defending organizations’ machines, systems, and networks from cyber harm.
Tribeca Cybersecurity Summit 2023 Friday, April 14, 2023 James Tricarico Jr. Institute for the Business of Law and In-House Counsel New York Law School 185 West Broadway New York, NY 10013 Directions: There is no charge for admission. This is an in-person event. Streaming will not be available.

PLA E-Board Elections

If you made it this far, you’re the kind of person we want on the PLA Executive Board! The E-Board is responsible for putting together events, coordinating with the school and other organizations, and being a resource to PLA members; basically, everything that makes the Privacy Law Association what we are. If you love privacy law, or if you’ve enjoyed what the PLA has had to offer this year, consider helping run it. Available positions are: President, Vice President, Treasurer, Academic Chair, and Social Chair. Details on all these positions can be found in our constitution, downloadable here!

If you’re interested in applying, send a personal statement of no more than one page in length to [email protected]. Tell us why you want the position, and why you think you’d be a good fit—these statements will be made available to all PLA members, so don’t put anything in there you wouldn’t want publicly known. Applications will be open until April 1st. For any questions or further details, don’t hesitate to reach out to us or to any member of the current E-Board directly!

1Ls, 2Ls, evening variations thereof, and 3LEs are all encouraged to apply!

Kyle Hunt
President, Privacy Law Association

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