Reminder: PLA E-Board Elections

Hi Folk,

This is a reminder that E-Board applications are due tomorrow, April 1st! It’s also a test of our new integrated newsletter solution. The Privacy Law Association, including improvements like these, is made possible by your support and participation; the E-Board’s task is to channel that support into events, speakers, and resources. We have had an absolutely incredible first year, and we can’t wait to go above and beyond in 2023-2024! If you love privacy law, or if you’ve enjoyed what the PLA has had to offer so far, consider joining the team that makes it happen. Plus, of course, it’ll look great on your resume 😏

Applications to all positions are open: President, Vice President, Treasurer, Academic Chair, and Social Chair. Details can be found in our constitution, downloadable here, or by reaching out to [email protected]. To apply, send a personal statement of no more than one page in length to [email protected]. Elections will run next week; we can’t wait to see who emerges to lead us! To repeat, applications will be open until April 1st.

In the meantime, a bit of fun trivia courtesy of Professor Benson: in 2022, although consumer lawsuits overall fell to decade lows (about 11,325), consumer lawsuits over data breaches more than doubled from 2020! (283 to 731.) (article behind a paywall, but it doesn’t say much more than that.)

Whether or not you plan to apply (and you should!), stay tuned for more election info next week! 🗳️

Kyle Hunt
President, Privacy Law Association

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