Spring Holiday Privacy and WORKSHOP DATE CHANGE

Happy Holidays Everyone,

Since we don’t collect too much of your information, we don’t know which holidays you do or don’t celebrate, so happy holidays. Hopefully, you will use your days off from school as a time of joy, relaxation, and a little preparation for the beast that is finals. We will be celebrating by learning more about privacy, and at least one of us will be stuffing his face with matzah; I dare you to guess who.

Another reason to celebrate is that we have a President and Vice President for the next year’s Privacy Law Association! Congratulations to our President for the 2024-2025 academic year, Anne Marie Mulligan, and Vice President Kenny Santos. We are sure you guys will do a great job.


How-To with Kyle: Intro to Building Websites

Due to the necessities of the Office of Student Life, this event has been moved to Tuesday, April 16. We have a location, though! Find us on Tuesday in room W302.

While many of us have learned a lot about the legal workings affecting websites from speakers, I for one know nothing about the technical side. If you would also like to learn more come attend the Kyle Talk (trademark pending) on how to build your own website. This event is on April 16th from 12:50 – 1:50, in room W302.

Privacy News:

2024 cybersecurity statistics

A belated April Fools game of “Guess Which Statistic is False.” The answer is at the bottom, and it shocked me.

Privacy preemption in new federal privacy bill.

Fellow privacy enthusiasts rejoice, for we might finally have a more consistent regulation of privacy in the US!

Google is deleting saved incognito data.

After settling a lawsuit, Google is finally doing the right thing and deleting data people didn’t want shared in the first place.

Children believe proposed law claiming to protect them would actually hurt them

Minors say that they and their parents–not state governments–should be allowed to choose what they see online. Do you think they are capable of making such choices? Note the language around this bill. “Children” here includes anyone under the age of 18.

Jon Welgrin
Social Chair, Privacy Law Association
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Please reach out with anything.

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