The Privacy Finals

Hey Everyone,

We hope you are enjoying the space between midterms and finals to the best of your ability. We know this is a daunting time, but do not fret, for we are in this together.

Privacy CLE: Data Breach Handling:

Come and experience first hand what privacy experts experience after a data breach occurs. How do you protect yourself and the company? We have panelists Professor Lawrence Montle, Chad Rosenthal, Director and Associate General Counsel of Privacy and Digital Platforms at LG Electronics, and Kahini Ranade, Assistant General Counsel at the New York City Office of Technology & Innovation. There is Halloween candy available for attendees. This is a great opportunity not only to learn, but to network and hear from experts in the privacy space.

Privacy News:

iPhones alert that you are being watched. What would you do?

In India, iPhones buzzed with notifications informing users that the government was spying on them. What would you do if this message turned up on your phone?

YouTube ad blocker detection software might violate EU law.

YouTube has new software that detects if users are trying to use ad blocking software to avoid ads without paying. This software might be violating an EU law.

AI has motivated the Federal Government to take initiative on a national data privacy and security standard.

Finally, the US might set a federal standard requiring companies to protect your data. What are your thoughts? What regulation would you like to see?

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Social Chair, Privacy Law Association
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